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Our vision


     Global Allianz (GA) is a foremost service provider since a decade for various chemical products catering to different industries- Plastics, Paints, Fiber Glass, Cables & Medical across the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our wide-ranging approach, extensive and innovative knowledge base and responsible experienced professionals allow us to fully respond to each of the client's unique circumstances and requirements. For each opportunity, irrespective of its scale, we mobilize suitable resources from our network. GA first-class team of professional service experts and specialists has the ability and experience to set up any kind of business needs at start up, through business processes and across contractual platforms.

      While our professional approach demands that we constantly seek out innovative methods and solutions, our strategic focus stays at its core mission: Delivering a strategic and sustaining competitive advantage to our clients. At GA, our experience ranges across key business and industries set up over the region. Our business experience is deep and the reliable service we provide to our clients will always be the standard by which our growth is measured.